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Lead screw nut 1/2/4 start new circle/rectangle shape well build brass M8 nut for 3d printer machine

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Lead screw nut 1/2/4 start new circle/rectangle shape well build brass T8 / T10 nut for 3d printer machine 

Lead screw nut 1/2/4 start convey improved precision and higher Z development speeds contrasted with the strung poles utilized on numerous packs. These lead screws are a moderately cheap approach to overhaul the presentation of 3D printer.

  • Four-Start: Each rotation moves 8mm. Very fast movement, but at the expense of torque. Make sure the motor has enough torque to handle the load! Also, if the load is heavy, it is possible for the back-drive the screw– the weight of the axis will cause the screw to turn on it’s own. For some applications that can cause problems. This item is the Four-Start version.
  • Our 8mm lead screws offer an incredible method to transform rotational movement into direct movement. The 2mm pitch offers a decent exchange off between torque required to drive the screw and straight speed made. Every revolution of the lead screw will drive the mating nut decisively 8mm. The OD of our lead-screws is just shy of 8mm to guarantee legitimate fitment in a 8mm ID bearing or clip.

Lead screw nut advantages :

  1. Enormous burden conveying capacity.
  2. Compact in size.
  3. Easy to structure.
  4. Simple to fabricate; no specific apparatus is required.
  5. Enormous mechanical bit of leeway.
  6. Exact and precise direct movement.
  7. Smooth, calm, and low support.
  8. Insignificant number of parts.
  9. Most are self-locking.

Leadscrew nut  Applications:

  1. 3D printers,
  2. CNC switches,
  3. lift systems and
  4. automation projects.

Circle, Rectangle


1 start, 2 start, 4 start

Nut Type

T8 Nut, T10 Nut


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