GT2 Idler Pulley


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GT2 Idler Pulley Unique and Proven metal quality idler pulley for 3D printer

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GT2 Idler Pulley 

GT2 Idler Pulley 20 Tooth 5mm Bore For 6mm Belt. For particular movement control, belts and pulleys provide extremely good precision at an amazing price. This pulley is meant for use with GT2 6mm wide belts only – MXL belts will slip due to the different tooth profile. This pulley contains 20 teeth and a 5mm internal bore. To connect it strongly to any 5mm diameter shaft, two set screws can be used. These are made up of full aluminum which makes them light-weighted and durable.

Idler Pulley Features:

  • Material: Adopt high quality aluminum, finished smoothly, durable to use.
  • Design: Rounded teeth can engage with belt longer, flange design admits synchronizing shaft rotations.
  • Applicable: Can be used in milling machine, gear shaper, drilling machine, hobbing machine or other machinery transmission occasions.
  • Use: Perfect for 3D printer or similar projects.

Packing List:

  1.  1 piece of pulley

Belt width

6mm with teeth, 10mm with teeth, 6mm without teeth, 10mm without teeth


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