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Motor pulley best quality for 3D Printer:

Motor pulley gt2 metal  pulley Aluminium 16/20 Teeth GT2 Synchronous pulley Bore 5mm 20-2GT-6 BF for Width 6mm GT2 Timing Belt with Linear Motion small backlash Positioning Accuracy used in linear drive 3D printer. Since the grooves are presented in the pulley, it provides a specific movement. This pulley contains 20 teeth and a 5mm internal bore. Two set of screws are used to connect strongly to any 5mm diameter shaft. These are made up of full aluminum which makes them light-weighted and durable.

Features of Gt2 motor pulley:

  1. The Power Grip GT2 system is an extension of the HTD system with greater load-carrying capacity. HTD was developed for high torque drive applications, but not acceptable for most precision indexing or registration applications.
  2. As smaller diameter Motor pulley are used, the clearance required to operate properly is increased. HTD drive clearance, using small diameter pulleys , is approximately four times greater than an equivalent GT2 timing belt drive.
  3. Circular arc tooth profile, tooth space is small, suitable for straight line driving.


  • Breaking Strength: 85N Per 1mm (61 lbf per 1/8inch)Belt Width. Working Tension:110 N for 25.4mm Belt width(24 lbf for 1inch.)Temperature Range:-34°C to +85°C(-30°F to + 185°F)

Pulley Package Include:

  • Pulley 1/2/4 piece ( As Per the Order)
No. of teeth

16 teeth, 20 teeth

Belt Width

6mm, 10mm


5mm, 6.35mm, 8mm


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