Gt2 Timing Belt


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GT2 timing belt high quality open loop belt for 3d printer

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GT2 Timing belt for 3d printer hot-end timing:

GT2 belt which is a 6mm/10mm timing belt Neoprene Rubber fiberglass core,black color. This GT2 series of belts have been designed in particular for linear motion. They use a rounded tooth profile, with 2mm pitch in  which it guarantees that the belt tooth fits smoothly and accurately in the pulley groove, so when you reverse the pulley direction, there is no space left in the groove for the belt to move.

GT2 belt properties:

  1. The Power grip GT2 system is an extension of the HTD system with greater load-carrying capacity. HTD was developed for high torque drive applications.
  2. Circular arc tooth profile and tooth space is small.
  3. It is suitable for straight line driving.


  • Breaking Strength: 85 N Per 1 mm(61 lbf per 1/8 inch)
  • Belt Width; Working Tension:110 N for 25.4 mm Belt width(24 lbf for 1 inch.)
  • Temperature Range:-34°C to +85°C(-30°F to + 185°F)


  • 3D printer
  • Automation
  • Robotics, etc.
Package Include:
  • 1m x Timing Belt ( Length as per the Order)

Rubber, Steel core


6mm, 10mm


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