NTC 100k Thermistor


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NTC Thermistor 100K NTC3950 THERMISTOR new temperature sensor for 3D printer

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NTC Thermistor :

NTC THERMISTOR are temperature sensors that alter the resistance of the semiconductor component based on the temperature to which they are subjected. As the temperature increases, the resistance decreases as a result of the rise in the concentration of charge carriers. These sensors are commonly used in the majority of FFF/FDM 3D printers available in the market to measure both the hot bed and extrusion temperature. A failure of the thermistor will result in an inaccurate temperature reading. To determine its functioning, one can verify that the resistance is within the correct range (100K at room temperature) and that it decreases as the temperature increases. The thermistor is available in three forms: with a lead wire, without a connector, and with a JST connector.

 NTC Thermistor Features:

  • High sensitivity, has a swift response, 1 percent, resistance value at 25°c= 100k
  • Compact structure, easy to install
  • Adaptive thermo-sensitive material
  • NTC is thick and heating rod is of high quality
  • Wiring insulation has high temperature Teflon/ PTFE
Connector type

only bulb with lead, Wire without connector, Wire with JST connector


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